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Have you ever wondered what if your sofa or the chair you are want to relax slightly tilts back and makes it more comfortable so that you can even have relax sleep on that for long hours with utmost comfort. WOW!!! so good. Am I right?

So now just stop that imagination and come to the reality that you don't have that option as you own a traditional sofa. But if you want to make that dream real? Then you should surely know the answer. It is none other than the recliner sofa.


After a hectic long day with lot of works everyone wants to find some peacefulness and want to relax by simply resting their entire body in the chair in their house. As we all knew that a living space is nothing without our chairs and sofa sets. We also knew how important they are in our day-to-day life as living room furniture.

Along with them, Recliner sofas also became quite popular now a days due to it comfortable seating arrangements. They are ideal for living room furniture.

Yes, a upholstered recliner sofa is the one that helps us to reclines back totally or partially (however you want) so that you can relax and lean back and then enjoy binge watching your favourite web series or you can even have tight nap over it.

Recliner Sofas with our favourite web series are the perfect combination.

It helps us a lot by providing the comfort. So most of the people are replacing their sofa set with recliners. Because in a living room, purchasing a heavy sofa set is far better than replacing it with recliner sofas as they are easy to transport, easy to install, mostly affordable prices.


According to the seating capacity, there are many different styles and recliner sofa collection are available. One should choose recliners as per their:

  1. space availability
  2. requirement
  3. price they can afford.
  4. Number of people need to accommodate
  5. type of material you choose for your recliner chair
  6. It should match with decor and other furniture existing in that room


The Recliner chairs are divided into three types according to their seating capacity. They are Single Seater Sofas, 2 seater, 3 seater.

The Recliner seats and Recliners price list product are listed below along with their functionality:

Single Seater Recliners:

As the name suggests itself, Single seater recliner are for those people who wants to feel the fresh air by sitting in the balcony or for someone who wants to enjoy their own company.

Are you planning for online shopping for single seater sofas? Then just go for single seater recliner instead. They enhances our comfort when compared to sofa sets.

It is ideal for both balconies as well as living room in case if you want to be extremely comfortable to perform your office tasks by just sitting comfortably by leaning back without any backaches as you can change positions.

2 Seater recliner sofa:

2 seater recliner sofa are the best option for those people who are having minimal space in thief living room but still want some trendiness and comfort.

Two people can accommodate a 2 seater recliner sofa easily.

2 seater recliner sofas are ideal for couple.

3 Seater Recliner Sofa

3 seater recliner sofa are perfect for the large living room.

Three people can accommodate the 3 seater recliner sofa as the name itself says 3 seater.

3 seater recliner sofa have became quite popular by becoming a major part in many living rooms. If you want to purchase a 3 seater recliner sofa do visit our Furniture Park. Three seater is the comfortable recliner for the family of three members are in case if you have any guests.


Apart from the recliner seats, Recliner chairs are also categorised into different types as per the material they are made up of. Recliner chairs are generally made up of fabric, leather, leatherette.


A Leather recliner sofa is known for its durability.

Leather recliner sofa are very comfortable and easy to maintain.

3 seater, 2 seater, single seater are available in leather recliner. They are easy to clean and you can find wide varieties of leather recliners in online shopping.

If you affordable, then just go for the leather recliners because leather recliner chairs are the best recliners as they are long-lasting.

So if you ask any one about their favourite recliner, then everyone will say Leather Recliner sofa set is their favourite recliner for your living room or also for your home theatre.


Leatherette Recliner chairs are the best choice if you can't afford d the leather. Leatherette recliners are also provides comfort as well as durability.

Two seater recliner sofas, 3 seater recliner sofas, single seater recliner sofas are available.


Fabric Recliner sofa are high in weight when compared to other recliner sofa.

Fabric recliners are very much comfortable to relax. Fabric recliners are the amazing recliners.

Fabric recliner sofa can make your living room brighter depending on the fabric sofas colour you choose.

Fabric recliner sofa are easily dusted which makes fabric recliner sofa east somewhat difficult to maintain when compared to other recliner sofa sets.

Two seater recliner sofas, 3 seater recliner sofas, single seater recliner sofas are available.


Again recliners are divided into two types based on the functionality. They are motorised recliner and manual recliner.


If comfort is the main aspect you want to consider then go for the motorised recliner chair so that you can easily operates the seater recliners position with slightly touch of your hand.

But if you have children in your house, then these motorised recliners are the recliners bad because of the safety issue due to its wires.


If you want safety then go for a Manual seater recliners. A socket box can be added behind recliner wall if you have any problem of your electrical recliner wires tripping.


There are extensive collection of recliner sets available at Furniture park at reasonable prices. We provide you the right recliner for your living room in contemporary style as per your requirement and choices. We manufacture the recliners with high quality materials.

Furniture Park have 2 seater, single seater three seater in different styles and materials. Few single seater chairs are upholstered. And also few two seater sofa and three seater sofa also have upholstery material.

Most of the furniture products in the Furniture Park are imported from Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai. Few furniture products are New Delhi as well.


Along with the recliner chair we also provide all types of home and office furniture such as beds, sofa sets, dining tables, dressing tables, office chairs, coffee tables, rocking chairs etc so on.

Furniture Park accept all types of credit or debit cards, internet banking, UPI payments and wallet payments etc., for the payments.

You can browse recliner chair online in our website along with the prices. Furniture shops in vijayawada, guntur, Ongole, Nellore, Rajmundry, kakinada and more.