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Double bed


A good night sleep is very essential thing in our daily life for each and every person either they might be working in software industry or for daily wages. From adolescent babies to elders; from ancient times to modern period irrespective of the age and time everyone needs a good rest and sound sleep.


For that good rest and pleasant sleep, we need a comfortable bed.

Yes, BED. In order to get rid of morning dizziness everyone should have rest and sleep that only comes with the comfortable bed.


As per our modern necessaries, there are wide categories of beds available online at best price. Types of bed are mentioned below along with their details:

1) Single Bed

2) Double Bed

3) Queen size Bed

4) King size Bed


A Single Bed usually smaller than double bed and somewhat sufficient for a single person but not that much comfortable bed.

Single Bed Size:

If you are that person who is a back sleeper without any movement in the bed during your sleep then Single bed is the idea bed for you. Go for single bed. We can find Single bed online as well.


A Double Bed is very much useful if you are having smaller area or small room. There are different types and different sizes of bed if you search to buy double bed online.

Double Bed Availability:

Double Bed prices are very reasonably available with latest double bed designs in Furniture Park. If you are looking for double bed online and furniture; Furniture park is the best choice for all types of furniture and bed not only for your bedroom but for your entire house. We have also provided our mobile number in the below section of double beds.

Double Bed Size:

Coming to the Double Bed size, it is larger than single bed and smaller than Queen size bed. However, double bed is very much comfortable for a single person if you want to roll allover the bed in clock-wise and anti clock-wise in bedroom.

For two persons, double beds may be enough but not convenient somewhat uncomfortable.


A Queen size Bed is larger than the double bed somewhat smaller than the king size bed. These queen size beds are perfect for two persons to sleep comfortably.


A King Size Bed is the luxurious bed that is sufficient for a family of three i.e., two persons along with a small baby. King size bed are the bigger bed than the queen size bed.

King Size Bed Options:

King Size beds are the most person's dream bed because they are the designer beds with different types with different sizes.

Few More Beds:

Apart of these above mentioned single bed, double bed, queen size bed and king size bed we can also find beds that are Bunk beds which is used in children's bedroom with siblings.

Another type of bed is folding beds which save space in rooms. These bed are the best option for bedroom that have smaller space.


We sale wide varieties of beds online with best price bed starting from Rs.15,000. Bed price may vary according to the material we use for the making beds. Various factors effect the price while making beds such as:

  1. wood we use
  2. bed frame we choose
  3. style
  4. number of drawers we keep for storage purpose
  5. mattress we choose for our bed
  6. bed designs
  7. bed price etc., so on.

Another thing we need to keep on mind for bed is that first of all, we need to check our dimensions of our bedroom so that we can choose our bed accordingly.

If there is enough space we can also select the side tables. However be cautious that your bed should matches with bed room furniture, decor items etc., within the bedroom.

Types Of Material:

Coming to the most important point while choosing a bed for your bedroom we should consider which material we need. Again there are different categories of materials available for shopping online for sale. the details are as follows:


There are different types of wood, we can choose the wood for our wood double bed as per our requirement like engineered wood, solid wood, rubber wood, mango wood, sheesham wood, teak wood etc., for our wood double bed as well as for headboard. From ancient civilisation to modern era beds made up of wood are the ever green bed.

You can buy wood double bed online in our store at best price.


Metal beds are known for their strength and sturdiness.

These beds are known for their different patterns and the elegance that adds to your bed room. In order to decor your room, you can either choose steel bed or iron bed whatever it may be just go for it.


Here comes the Luxurious one, these fabric beds will provide us the style and comfort with upholstered headboards in our bedroom. If you are looking for contemporary style beds this is the best option. Generally, looks great for king size beds and queen size beds.


Below are the points to be consider while going for choosing beds for your bedroom. Same as mentioned above - your bedroom space, required bed size, number of people need to accommodate in that space, material we want, bed frame design, colour we want, style, number of storage boxes or drawers we select, bed price etc.,


Standard Indian dimensions for a double size bed are 54 inches x 74 inches which means 137 cms x 187 cms i.e., 4.5 ft x 6.25 feet. By placing a stylish double bed design we can easily change the decor ambience of our house within the low price.

Designer double bed designs also includes storage boxes or storage drawer for additional storage capacity in our bedrooms.


Wood material plays a key role for quality of any bed.


Sheesham wood double bed is known for its strength and durability so if you are looking for longevity go for sheesham wood where as the rubber wood double bed is apt for low maintenance.


Solid wood double beds and mango wood double beds and engineered wood double beds are the another best option in case of wooden double beds.


There are so many different types of latest double bed designs in shopping online as well as headboard. Best place to check wooden double bed online is furniture park. It is the comfortable place to visit and purchase items to bring home even during the pandemic times.

Shopping for beds online is very convenient now a days. Frequently asked questions about are regarding delivery. Online designer double bed furniture might includes the delivery in bed price. We also sale all types of furniture pieces in our show room with storage capacity by providing the storage boxes or storage drawer for your double bed. All the furniture products are imported and few wooden double beds are from New Delhi.


Along with the double bed, we also provide wide range of sofa sets, dining tables, office chairs, dressing tables etc., all types of home furniture and office furniture.

We are always available for you for making your shopping experience the best. Feel free to contact our mobile number . You can also find beds online along with bed prices in our web app / web site - which is pocket friendly at best bed price for sale.

AFFORDABLE at best price:

The reason looking for double beds is due to its dimensions of bed size as well as space in the house - as everyone won't have larger space for the bed size and its decor in rooms and won't be capable of high bed prices.

Storage Facility:

As we can also keep drawer to storage space we should need horizontal space in the room in order to access that storage drawers.

If you are able to purchase price double bed then go for the wooden bed. Lot of people prefer wood apart of bed size because solid wood double beds (or wooden double beds) and wood decor in your bedroom adds a good ambience in the house as well.

As according to your preferable bed price we can choose wooden beds categories in beds online for sale with latest double bed design.


If space is the main issue, we can also choose sofa cum bed. Sofa cum bed: bed size will be same as double beds. It can also be a wooden bed. We can not only keep it in the bedroom but also in any room in the house.

Wanna Try Different?

If you want to experience something different experiment in our bedroom we can choose our bed and its furniture accordingly. Buy double bed online by selecting that double bed design or the bed or bed size or furniture or wood along with the storage space we can change the entire look of the bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the best double bed?

We would like to prefer the double bed furniture and wooden double bed online

How to choose Wood double bed?

Wooden double beds with bed made up of sheesham wood and solid wood as Sheesham wood and solid wood of teak are best option for wooden bed.

What is the double bed size?

Double bed size is apt for every single room in your house. Usually the double bed size dimensions are 48 inches x 75 inches.