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Bedside table

Once you are done with choosing the right bed and wardrobe for your bedroom; Have you ever wondered where would you keep all the essential stuff that is needed for your bedroom and which bedroom furniture you still need to purchase? It is none other than a Bedside table.


A bedside table is also known as nightstand, day stand, night table.

A bedside table plays a major role in enhancing the looks of your bedroom and its interior. A bedside table not only used as a furniture pieces for style but can also be utilised as the storage space in the room.

A bedside tables are classy and spacious bedroom decor available at low cost. A bedside table provides you the elegant style as well as storage in your bedroom.


Bed side table is not only for the kid's room it serves us much more other than as a decor item in any bed room.

For side tables; make sure to consider the top surface of the side table while purchasing for your room as it helps us for storage for several things that should be within the sight of us.

You can choose side table style with shelves or without any drawers or with one drawer and one open drawer for your room.

If you have enough space in your bedroom then you can place side tables at both sides of the bed as end table. You can purchase side tables online.

If you don't have much space then go for a small bedside table with drawers so that you can store books in the drawers and medicines etc., on its top surface.


A bedside table helps us to store lot of items in your bedroom.

As the name "Bedside table" itself coneys us that it mostly places beside the bed or sometimes you can place it anywhere in the bedroom according to your requirement. Below are the list of items that you can place on the/ within the bedside table in your bedroom:

  1. A night lamp or a small lamp for scary nightmares or for your mid night washroom emergencies.
  2. Alarm clock; that needs to wake you up should be place within the arm length distance.
  3. Water bottle if you feel thirsty in the middle of the night
  4. Spectacles or reading glasses
  5. Mobile phone, USB or any other electronic devices
  6. A small notepad and a pen for your innovative ideas that you get in the middle of your sleep
  7. Books whenever you wish to read bedtime books
  8. Medicines you want to take on daily basis

and so on....

A bed side table should seamlessly blend with the decor of the bed room.


Bedside tables are divided into different types according to their design, style and functionality. Below mentioned are the bedside table designs:

Modern bedside tables

Modern bedside tables are known for its simple design. Modern bedside table are designed for storage optimisation in your room.

These bed side tables are also available single drawer for the storage. As storage is the major problem now-a-days due to the compact apartment designs.

contemporary bedside tables

Contemporary bedside tables enhances the bedroom elegance. They don't have any historical designs they are always live-in-this era model.


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Furniture Park provide you all types of bedside tables online with storage drawer and you can visit our store as well. We have wooden bedside table made up of natural wood such as solid wood, engineered wood, sheesham wood, mango wood.

Modern bedside table made up of materials such as glass, polished metal, brass etc.,

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Wooden bedside table provides you the classy and elegant look. The popular categories of the wooden bedside cabinet are solid wood, engineered wood, sheesham wood with drawer or without drawer.

Solid wood bed table and sheesham wood bed table are known for its long lasting and durability. These sheesham wood bed side table and solid wood bedside tables are available in different patterns and styles. These bedside cabinets provides you a amazing look for your bedroom.

Wooden nightstand table are available in different shades such as walnut, mahogany, oak etc.,

You can find walnut wooden side table with drawers are the best selling nightstand table online.