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Center table

Have you ever thought what would be our living room looks like without a center table in your house?

Definitely it's a big NO. Yeah, in a living room anything that catches the eyes of our guests other than our sofa set is obviously Center table.


The name itself defines its importance as it plays the major role as central piece for our furniture in our living room. Center tables are the primary furniture pieces that will interact with our guests more in our house.


Center table not only used as a decor item. A Center table is where we place our knick knacks, where we enjoy our coffee by sitting in front of our television, Where we keep all the snacks for our guests, Where we play cards in the weekends, Where keep our drinks for night out with our friends in our house.

As it serves these all kinds of purposes, our visitors notice and will always passes a glance over the center table as it will be the nearest one to them other than the sofa set they sit. It resembles our taste in the furniture as well as life style.


Many of you wonders how to select a center table. So below are the points you need to consider while purchasing a online center table:

  1. Size of your living room
  2. Space where we need to place the coffee table
  3. Size of the coffee table that suits in your living room
  4. Shape of the coffee tables that goes well with your living room
  5. Budget we want to spend on the coffee table
  6. Material we want for our coffee table
  7. Type of the coffee table that suits your existing decor style
  8. With or without drawers if you want use it as storage space as well.
  9. It should suits with the existing sofa set and furniture.


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As there are plenty of modern coffee tables are available outside we should choose a coffee table that should complement the overall look and decor of our living room or your drawing room. Coffee tables or Center tables are available in different designs, sizes, materials and colours.

Center table design are divided into 4 categories according to their shape.

  1. Rectangular center table
  2. Round shape center table
  3. Oval shape center table
  4. Square center table
Rectangular center table

If you are having the large living room then Rectangular center table is the perfect one for you. Rectangular center table is suitable for your leather sofa or recliners.

Round center table

Round center table are ideal furniture for those who are having kids or pets

Oval center table

Oval center table serves as same as the round shape center table. These both center tables are ideal for those who are having kids or pets and these center tables also provides the illusion of larger space in our living room.

Square center table

Square coffee tables can also be used as side tables at corner for your living room. These square coffee tables can also be used for your drawing room or near to your couch.


We can find different varieties of colours that are available for our Centre table. They are walnut, white, black, teak, ocean blue, light brown, chestnut, brass etc.,


Center tables are again categorised according to the materials it is made up of. They are wooden center table, metal center tables, glass center table, marble center table.

Price varies accordingly.

Glass center table:

Table with glass top are called as the Glass center table. They are known for the trendiness. generally table with glass top includes a tempered glass that comes with a metal frame.


Wood table is known for its durability. Wooden center table are known for its sturdy in nature.

Wooden center table can be made up of material - solid wood, engineered wood, mango wood, Sheesham Wood.

Solid Wood Center Table and engineered wood coffee table with the walnut shade table are the most luxurious furniture one.

Mango Wood Center Table are affordable than teak and Sheesham Wood center table.