Buy bedroom furniture online and retail in Vijayawada

Buy bedroom furniture online and retail in Vijayawada

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Bedroom collection

Bedrooms are the most personal and private spaces in our life. An average adult spends one third of his life in bedroom. So we have to keep our bedrooms peaceful and maintain the right ambience, Bedroom furniture plays important role to maintain the atmosphere. Bedroom furniture comes under home furniture. Buy your bedroom furniture online in Vijayawada and guntur like beds, mattress in king size beds and queen size beds and more.

Bedroom furniture contains



Well made bed is pleasant to look at and should match to the language of the room. Beds ranging from light colour like painted white beds, upholstery Indian beds to warm wooden polished solid wooden beds. Modern day beds are equipped with hydraulic storage Facility under with their beds, this feature helps lot of people to store their clutter in their bedroom underneath their cot. We can access the future by using hydraulic lift cylinders underneath our bed or using wheels to slide their lower Storage portion beside their cot. Storage beds available at Furniture Park in Vijayawada are very help to our customers, they are loving this Storage facility. Furniture Park Vijayawada we will customise beds in design and colours according to our customer needs. 


Beds can be made in different dimensions most commonly king size and queen size beds.

You can also customise even bigger or smaller size beds according to your requirements. For space conscious places we provide them with a bed that will turn into a sofa we call it sofa-bed.  Where is Sofa can expand into a bed. 


Bedside table:

One should have beautiful and utility oriented bedside tables beside their bed. Most of the bedside tables will have two drawers for storage. You can place a bedside lamp above the bedside table. Bed side table should match or contrast your bed. 



Chesters very in different sizes. Chesters are table consists of multiple drawers with various or different sizes depending on models. 



Basic wardrobes have 2 doors to 6 doors. Most of the time your wardrobe matches exactly with your bed. 


Dressing tables: 

Most important part to complete your bedroom collection. Dressing table with tall mirrors are good for full person reflection. Dressing tables with small mirror that accommodates a seat in-front to sit leisurely and makeup one self is great for some people. 



Simply kept mattress can categorise by materials used and inches in height to make one. We at furniture park use coir, foam, spring and their combination to make mattress. We sell brands like kurl on, coir on and many other imported brands to satisfy our Customer needs. Mattress buying online is not what we recommend to our customers, visit our store to experience different kind of mattress from hard to soft materials. Come to our furniture retail shops to check every mattress and buy, It’s very little investment in your time to not compromise every night good sleep. Mattress sizes ranges from king size, queen size to any size big or small. Mattress can be customised to any odd sizes you wish. 

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